Meet Our Brand New Assumption Builder!

August 2021

If you’ve ever tried to forecast revenue, expenses, or cash flow, then you’ve probably used a spreadsheet, and I’m guessing you hated it. However, until now, spreadsheets provided flexibility that other software couldn’t match, so if you wanted an accurate financial forecast, one way or another you were in for a headache.

Those days are over.

Clockwork syncs directly with your accounting system and automatically builds custom forecasts by learning the trends, patterns, and cash timing behavior in your company. That alone eliminates hours of work, giving you detailed financial projections and cash flow forecasts that are real time, and incredibly accurate, without lifting a finger.

However, no machine will ever know your business better than you, which is why we spent the last few months working on something huge - our brand new Advanced Assumption Builder- giving you complete (and effortless) control over your forecast.

Clockwork has always let users edit projections to input basic assumptions like growth rates and custom values...but Advanced Assumptions are truly next-level.

Now, with just a click you can build advanced rules and custom formulas to model recurring revenue, special projects, sales pipelines, headcount adjustments, pricing changes and more, capturing everything that makes your business unique.

Also, because we know all that extra detail is useless if it takes you hours to build out the rules...we also included smart auto-fill logic that helps you get the job done in seconds. It's lightning fast, and extremely easy-to-use.

Check out these interactive demos to see for yourself!

How are your growth projections looking?

How will a new hire impact your finances?

What if you need to model your sales pipeline?

The options are endless! Check it out in your account, or create a free trial to get started in less than a minute!

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