Founded by Tony Tropeano, CloudCPA goes beyond traditional tax and accounting services, redefining client expectations of accountants. Committed to exceptional service, Tony and his team act as true advisors to their clients.

CloudCPA's strategic adoption of a tech stack with Clockwork, Gusto, and Xero was a transformative step in its evolution. This move wasn't just about improving efficiency; it underscored CloudCPA's commitment to technological leadership in accounting. 

By leveraging these innovative platforms, the team can deliver greater value to clients, save more time, and drive better revenue growth. 

Key Challenge: Finding a Tech Stack to Boost Efficiency

Early on, CloudCPA recognized the necessity of a comprehensive tech stack to support the wide range of services they offered, including advisory services. Initial attempts to integrate other FP&A solutions like Jirav were met with frustration due to their complexity and limited usability. 

The inefficiencies of relying on traditional methods, such as spending over 10 hours a month manipulating Excel spreadsheets and the cumbersome task of manually copying and pasting numbers, highlighted the urgent need for a more effective solution. 

What’s more, CloudCPA sought to revolutionize its payroll services, which required a system that could automate and simplify these processes significantly.

The Solution? Clockwork AI & Gusto Combined

Their big breakthrough came with the adoption of Clockwork AI and Gusto, complemented by Xero, forming the ultimate tech stack for CloudCPA. Clockwork introduced a new realm of possibilities in FP&A, enabling CloudCPA to expand its advisory services and save time with more accurate forecasting, scenario planning, and custom metrics.

Gusto, on the other hand, redefined payroll processing for CloudCPA by automating and simplifying the entire payroll experience. The seamless integration of Clockwork’s Headcount Planner feature with major payroll systems like Gusto meant that essential employee details, including roles and salaries, could be effortlessly synchronized, facilitating dynamic projections for staffing changes and budgeting over a five-year horizon.

Gusto and Clockwork is the way of the future. It’s automation plus forecasting that minimizes the time we have to spend on everything.” -Tony Tropeano, Founder of CloudCPA

The Business Impact

CloudCPA saw a 50% growth in their advisory business since they were able to provide higher value to their clients which also led them to increase their prices. 

This efficiency allowed their team to save over 10 hours per month per client, translating into significant cost savings and higher profit margins. The integration was so successful that Tony was able to onboard and activate all his clients onto Clockwork AI in a single night.

Plus during the tax season, when most firms are overwhelmed, CloudCPA continued to excel in advisory services thanks to Clockwork. "Even though we’re in tax season, we’re not done with advisory. Clockwork is the advisor during tax season,” Tony said.

What’s Next

Looking towards the future, CloudCPA is all set for even more growth and success, all thanks to the incredible efficiency and capabilities their tech stack brings to the table. They're not stopping here, though. 

With eyes set on diving deeper into Clockwork's core features, CloudCPA is on a mission to amp up its services and make their clients even happier. They're leading the charge, showing everyone in the industry just how game-changing the right technology can be for an accounting practice.

Join the Clockwork Movement

Now, it’s your turn — Clockwork isn’t just smart; it’s a genius move. By using Clockwork’s effortless features, like cash flow forecasting, “what if” scenario writing, payroll integrations, and more, you’ll become an indispensable advisor to your clients. 

Speak to our team about joining the Clockwork Champions program to unlock more support and better revenue for your firm. 


To learn more about how Clockwork helps small businesses realize and work towards a better financial future, create your account to start a free 14-day trial (no credit card required). Connect your QuickBooks Online or Xero account to create your first financial model in minutes.

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