An astounding 75% of finance and accounting professionals' work hours vanish into the data abyss—where spreadsheets become their world, leaving a mere 25% for the critical advisory roles they're meant to fill. 

The future calls for finance and accounting professionals to flip the script: ideally, most of their expertise should be future-focused. However, bandwidth issues, inefficient processes, and tedious, manual work all contribute to staying with the status quo and not tapping into the huge potential of advisory services.  

In the fiercely competitive realm of accounting services, FP&A advisory isn't just another offering—it's the linchpin of strategic business decision-making. With the right approach, you can transform your entire firm, making it ten times more impactful, and without adding any resources. Here's how.

Understanding FP&A Advisory’s Transformative Role

The bedrock of any robust accounting practice today is advisory services built around Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). This discipline goes beyond mere number crunching; it forms the strategic core that informs business strategies, catalyzes growth, and fortifies against market volatility. 

Businesses are facing rapid changes, and there's a clear need for FP&A advisory services that offer real-time insights and future-focused guidance. Efficient FP&A is like a strategic sidekick, equipping you with the ability to adjust your tactics quickly as markets shift. Advisory services have incredible benefits, including:

  • Informed Decision-Making: By synthesizing financial data with operational metrics, FP&A provides a holistic view of business health, empowering leaders to make well-informed decisions.
  • Risk Management: FP&A identifies financial risks before they become crises, allowing businesses to proactively establish mitigation strategies.
  • Strategic Growth: With FP&A's predictive analytics, companies can spot growth opportunities and potential investment areas, guiding them toward profitable ventures.
  • Cost Optimization: By analyzing cost structures and identifying inefficiencies, FP&A helps streamline operations, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Resource Allocation: FP&A ensures that resources are allocated to the most promising projects or departments, optimizing the use of capital and labor.
  • Performance Measurement: Setting and tracking financial KPIs helps businesses monitor progress and adjust tactics to meet strategic objectives.

The Power of AI in Transforming FP&A Advisory Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of FP&A, shifting its paradigm from a traditional, historical analysis approach to a dynamic, forward-looking perspective. By integrating AI, FP&A advisory services are experiencing a quantum leap in capabilities, such as:

  • Predictive Analysis: AI algorithms can sift through massive datasets to identify patterns and trends, making it possible to anticipate market changes and business outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. This predictive power enables businesses to prepare for different scenarios, ensuring they're not caught off guard by future events.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: AI eliminates the enemy of human error.  It's all about spot-on financial models and bulletproof forecasts that you can bank on with no second-guessing needed.
  • Real-time Insights: Streaming live data analysis directly to your decision-making dashboard, AI ensures that you're always ahead of the curve, making split-second calls that keep you in the market's fast lane.
  • Efficiency in Routine Tasks: AI excels at automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, variance analysis, and report generation. This frees up finance professionals to focus on more strategic, high-value activities.
  • Improved Forecasting: AI's forecasting isn't just good, it's clairvoyant. By incorporating a wide array of variables and quantifying their potential impacts, AI-driven systems offer improved forecasting capabilities. Businesses can use these insights to refine budgeting, improve cash flow management, and optimize investment strategies.
  • Competitive Advantage: Utilizing AI in FP&A advisory services provides companies with a significant competitive edge. With advanced analytics and insights, businesses can outmaneuver competitors and capture market share.

How to Supercharge Your FP&A Advisory Services

You came here looking to find out how to 10x your advisory services fast. The answer: Clockwork. In three minutes flat, you can connect your clients’ QuickBooks Online or Xero accounts and get CFO-level insights automatically. This includes:

  • 🗓️52-week cash flow forecast 
  • 💸Custom metrics dashboard 
  • 🤔Unlimited  “what-if” scenarios
  • ⏳Hourly automatic sync with QuickBooks Online & Xero
  • 🔗Integrations with all the major payroll providers
  • 🎉And much more!

Created by a former outsourced CFO who scaled his own advisory services firm, Clockwork is built by professionals for professionals. In fact, Clockwork Champions save 10 hours per client, per month!  

How Clockwork Helped Reconciled Transform Their Advisory Services

👀Before Clockwork:

Reconciled is one of the fastest-growing full-service accounting firms in the industry and like everyone else, resources and hours in the day were the biggest limiting factors. With a team already spread too thin and tons of clients needing help, they sought to find a true software partner to help them scale effectively and efficiently. 

🚀After Clockwork:

In just the first month, they saved a whopping 120 hours — all without spending a dime on new hires or losing any clients. The result? Higher margins, better revenue, and a 25% surge in their advisory business

FP&A Advisory Services, Simplified

Adopting advisory services has become essential for modern accountants. Tackling these hurdles head-on allows accountants to set themselves up for sustained success and places them at the cutting edge of financial consulting. 

If you’re serious about offering advisory services, Clockwork is a no-brainer — plain and simple. Book a demo with Clockwork today and discover how you can redefine your value proposition and stand out in the marketplace.


To learn more about how Clockwork helps small businesses realize and work towards a better financial future, create your account to start a free 14-day trial (no credit card required). Connect your QuickBooks Online or Xero account to create your first financial model in minutes.

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