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Your intelligent, all in one platform for financial modeling, cash flow forecasts, dashboards, and scenario planning

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Clockwork platform
Clockwork platform
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Clockwork platformClockwork platformClockwork platform

The only FP&A platform built by a CFO

Clockwork's enterprise FP&A software is the brainchild of seasoned CFO, Fady Hawatmeh. Recognizing that using Excel for forecasting was a massive pain point, time waster, and far from the ideal way to manage financial forecasting for his firm and for his clients. There had to be a better way. Enter Clockwork. 

Clockwork puts an end to spreadsheet hell

Custom 5-year financial projections with one-click

Clockwork learns from your transaction patterns and company profile to build a custom 5-year financial model that predicts revenue, expenses, and cash flow with the greatest accuracy.

Clockwork platformClockwork platform
Clockwork platformClockwork platform

The most accurate and only 52-Week cash flow forecast

Get a detailed weekly look of how cash moves in and out of your business, analyzing individual invoices, bills, and cash transactions so you can make the adjustments you need and avoid pitfalls with more control.

Unlimited one-click scenario planning

Explore any future scenario to get a clear picture around best and worst cases, and make sure you can answer the most important questions about your business at any time.

Clockwork platformClockwork platform
Clockwork platformClockwork platform

Know how much money you made, are making, and will make

Visualize your financial projections, cash flow forecasts, and key metrics in real-time. With hourly updates, you'll always know where you are, and where you're going.

Used, loved, & trusted by thousands ❤️

Clockwork platformClockwork platformClockwork platform
Clockwork platformClockwork platformClockwork platform
Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Stop burning time and money being in the dark

With clarity around cash flow, you can easily decide how and when to invest in growth.

Clockwork platform

Answer all your “what if” questions by seeing how different scenarios play out.

Clockwork platform

Predict how your costs will change as your business grows to avoid cash shortages.

Clockwork platform

Spot opportunities and problems ahead of time with real-time metrics and performance insights.

How we Help Entrepreneurs
BENEFITS FOR accountants

Clockwork reinvents the FP&A advisory model

Clockwork platform

Set up models and forecasts for all of your clients in minutes and spend less time managing them.

Clockwork platform

Spend more time helping explore strategic ways to drive growth and mitigate risk.

Clockwork platform

Create a single source of truth to give your clients a clear path forward they understand.

Clockwork platform

Easily collaborate with clients on models, forecasts, intuitive dashboards, and metrics reports.

How We Help Accountants
Clockwork platformClockwork platformClockwork platform

Forecast your business in one minute.


Securely and easily connect to your QuickBooks Online or Xero account.


That's literally it.


Still, that's literally it. You can get fancy and build assumptions and scenarios and we even help


Get paid to run your business right.

Your Clockwork Score is based on the financial health of your company. Maintain an A+ score for 3 months straight and get 10% off your next month. Keep it up for 6 months straight, and your next month is on us!

Clockwork platformClockwork platform

What people like you say about Clockwork

“Clockwork has given my clients the ability to clearly see and make changes to the cash flow forecast, in a way they understand the model. Having constant access and the ability to make real-time changes, while accurately predicting cash flow and needs, is a game changer."
Ted Stann
managing partner
"Clockwork allows me to manage my company with full visibility, so I'm no longer making decisions blindly. Being able to understand what is coming down the road has changed the way we do business."
Kaeya Majmundar
Founder & ceo
"Clockwork allows me to focus on my clients’ needs, and get out of spreadsheets. It allows them to strategically plan the future of their growth and better understand how decisions impact cash flow."
Martin McCaffrey
Founder and Principal
Ledger General Inc
"Clockwork helped me answer questions that enabled every facet of our operations: Where are our staffing gaps and who can we afford to hire?  And what is required to achieve our financial goals? Our business is better, both in the short-term and long-term, thanks to Clockwork."
Yazin Akkawi
Founder and Principal

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Unlimited Scenarios with our Scenario Writer


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