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Clockwork Champion John Koloch: Full Interview

The Clockwork Team
May 27, 2022

We spoke to John Koloch, founder of GeneralCents Accounting to hear about how he uses Clockwork’s forecasting tools to help his clients secure their businesses so they can confidently reach their goals.

Key Lessons from an Advisor

John shares his journey of becoming an Advisor after working in Corporate finance and the key lessons he's learned along the way.

Lay the foundation

The ultimate goal is to shift clients from a hindsight perspective to foresight while removing the financial stress and uncertainty that comes with running a business. Initially, that takes laying a foundation of bookkeeping and data integrity, from there we can shift into budgeting, forecasting, and ultimately giving them visibility into the future of their business.

Use visual aids

Clients struggle to understand their position without visuals to go along with it, but once they saw where they were heading with Clockwork they become much more open to taking advice and engaging with their options.

Deliver results

John shares an awesome story about helping saving a client's business and helping them save $280,000 using Clockwork.

For more insights on how John is using Clockwork to help his clients be sure to listen to the full interview above!

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