Financial modeling

Move fast, plan faster

Use financial modeling to manage, plan, and predict all the changes in your business in minutes, not days in a spreadsheet.

A financial model built in Clockwork

Put numbers behind your vision to make it happen

A successful business is fueled by its master plan. With Clockwork, you'll always have a clear picture of your future revenue and growth projections.

Spreadsheets can only take your models so far

Online financial model templates and outdated spreadsheets are a thing of the past. You need a flexible, living model that automatically updates and scales with you.

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How to customize a financial model in ClockworkAn example of a financial model forecast in Clockwork

Your gut instinct meets
real-time financial data

Gut feel with incomplete data is terrifying and can cost you your business. Choose Clockwork for financial modeling to get the best and most accurate insights to move forward, faster.

Explore industry leading cash accuracy

Use Clockwork to build financial models & make decisions, fast

Identify the most effective time to seek out big opportunities or when it’s best to put your head down and keep a steady pace.

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An example of how to make an assumption for your financial model in Clockwork

See how easy financial modeling can be

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Clockwork displays real-time financial data that usually takes me hours to dial in. Currently, Clockwork is helping align finances for investors.



Great service. This helps me give my clients the necessary cashflow projections for their business


Founder & Financial Advisor

Amazing how quickly this software grabs your QBO history and how flexible this tool is in creating projections. Very impressive! Also, the adoption process is so well supported at their end, very knowledgeable and generous support.


Finance Manager

I'm an analyst that strongly believes in forecasting and modeling. Clockwork makes it super easy, and allows me to get a base forecast set up automatically!



The scenario planner is incredibly easy to use and allows us to model different scenarios so we can make better financial and business decisions. Clockwork helps us to easily and accurately predict our cash flow projections.


Digital Accounts Specialist

My clients love Clockwork because it takes all of the data from Xero reports and puts it into a very appealing visual dashboard that is much easier to understand than looking at #s on a spreadsheet.



The ease of use and cash flow tracking make my day to day so much easier than it normally would be. I'd love to have similar tools to manage other aspects of my life, not just finances and operations.



Clockwork helps me better understand and predict how my cash balances will look through uncertainty and lumpy in-flows.



Amazingly simple set up. Literally thought it would take hours. it took minutes. The interface is great. Information is presented in ways that I can glean insights.



Clockwork has added some incredible insight into our cashflow and planning discussions that we would not have had otherwise. It's hard to imaging going back to an environment where we don't have these tools.


Senior Product Manager

Of all the cash flow platforms I've used/trialed this was the easiest to integrate and when I did have questions, the support team were responsive and incredibly helpful. It's now one of our core software solutions



There is no setup required. You connect your accounting app and you're ready to starting planning. It is very intuitive and easy to pickup and learn what the features are in developing the plan.


Accounting, Self-employed

At my last company we had a team of guys working nights and weekends just to get half of what this gives me instantly!



Hands down the weekly cash flow projection is the best feature of Clockwork. It's hard to beat out the advanced assumptions and scenarios that can be run. Can't say enough amazing things about the service/support from Clockwork.


Chief Accounting Guide

Implementation was seconds. I ask a lot of questions and like to talk to people and they picked up the phone to answer simple questions that frankly I could have figured out if I actually took the time to read their DIY articles...


Official Member

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