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I grew up in my father's restaurants and worked there from when I was old enough to reach over the counter through college. My cofounder, Mike, also grew up in a small business family where his parents ran a home security business. We never understood how systemic the issue of managing finances and cash flow was for growing businesses, until we got out in the real world. Especially when I started my outsourced CFO firm, and for every single client, I needed to build them a financial model and cash flow forecast because 90% of them didn't have one, and the 10% that did, had models that were essentially useless.

Living in spreadsheet hell trying to build countless models, manage clients, get new clients, teach my clients how to use the models, develop reporting packages, and still provide my clients with what they really needed - strategic and operational expertise - was not a fun way to live. When I studied the market for a tool I could use, the ones that existed barely scratched the surface of what a growing business needs, not to mention none of them were started by CFOs.

I knew I needed to build something better. Too many businesses have failed because they didn’t have the time, tools, or expertise to take control of their finances, and I made it my mission to do something about it.

Fady Hawatmeh
Founder & CEO

Clockwork Team

Fady Hawatmeh
Founder and CEO
Mike Webb
Cofounder and CFO
Alex Wunderlich
VP of Product
Brian Bardi
Director of Engineering
Gabriell Carter
Senior Software Engineer
Nick Ogilvie
Account Executive
Armen Zildjian
Hugues Belanger

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