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Our mission

Making FP&A accessible for every business

82% of small & medium sized business failures are due to poor financial planning and we're changing that

founding Story

Clockwork is the only purpose-built tool focused on QuickBooks Online and Xero companies

People spend time together

Growing up in the family’s restaurant in St. Louis, MO

Our founder worked at his family’s restaurant ever since he was tall enough to reach over the counter, all the way through college. Growing up in the restaurant gave him the entrepreneurial spirit and experience at an early age.

FP&A and Strategy at Boeing in Seattle, WA

He joined the corporate world to compliment his entrepreneur experience and worked on the successful launch of the 787 Dreamliner program.

Ran an Outsourced CFO firm in Chicago, IL

He then turned all the free financial advice he was giving to entrepreneurs into a successful consulting firm that gave him the idea of Clockwork after struggling with every FP&A tool in the market.

Company values
Don't be an asshole



Always do the right thing. Don’t let the values of yourself or Clockwork waver in any decision you make. Always do what you said you were going to do!



Learn and absorb from everyone around you, and serve as an inspiration to everyone around you, customers and teammates.



Know what we stand for and what you stand for as a person and stay true to that. Don’t let external or internal pressures break what you feel is right.



Be real. In every conversation, interaction, meeting, and everything in between, be real. Bullshit is easy to smell and will not be tolerated.



Don’t give up on getting things done. Everything is possible and it is your responsibility to find a way to get it done and get it done the right way.



We all work together for a reason and every member of the team leans on each other to succeed.



Be prepared for every situation, conversation and meeting. Stay one step ahead of everyone by thinking critically about objections, responses and different perspectives.

Assume Positive Intent

Assume Positive Intent

With all communication internal and external, nothing negative should be assumed and everyone should operate as every conversation starts and ends with a positive outcome

Disagree and commit

Disagree and commit

Whenever there’s a decision made and any one disagrees, there will be no negativity towards moving forward with that decision and everyone will move forward together as a unit

Clockwork Team

Clockwork Team

Fady Hawatmeh

Founder & CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur and finance professional, Fady was born in Amman, Jordan and immigrated as a child to St. Louis, MO where he worked in his father's restaurants through college. After graduating with degrees in Finance and Accounting, Fady worked in FP&A at Boeing in Seattle, WA and then moved to Chicago, IL to launch his outsourced CFO firm which gave him the need for Clockwork.

Matt Cronan

Engineering Team Lead

Matt Cronan is a software engineer who has spent the last decade building web development tools that increase productivity and deliver excellent customer experiences. Driven by a desire to produce high-quality solutions to complex business problems, he takes pride in constructing dynamic, value-driven applications. In his free time, you can find him on the golf course, at a live music venue, or spending time with his family in the Nashville suburbs.

Adam Grant

Senior Software Engineer

Adam Grant is a full stack software engineer that also has experience in networking, systems engineering and administration. He enjoys solving problems in all aspects of the information technology field. His hobbies include cars, tabletop games, and spending time with his family.

Kyle Saechao

Software Engineer

Kyle Saechao is a software engineer that has experience enhancing and supporting both web and legacy applications for Sacramento County Department of Technology. He enjoys debugging and resolving issues to improve software quality. His hobbies include watching movies and television series, playing video games, and recreational activities such as camping with family.

Austin Gilmore

QA Analyst

Austin is a very detail oriented and analytical mind making sure every improvement in the Clockwork platform is as bug free as possible. With an undergrad in Accounting and experience in QA at Paycom, Austin brings a great ambition to tackle the massive problem Clockwork solves. In his free time, he enjoys spending time on the water and hanging out with his wife and dogs.

Mike Webb


With deep experience in capital debt markets and finance, Mike saw the problem Clockwork solves from a completely different perspective than Fady and when they met, they had an immediate connection discussing the opportunity and the rest was history

Armen Zildjian

Advisor - Sales

Armen is the current VP of Sales at Drift with over 20 years of international software sales and sales leadership experience, having taken multiple businesses from zero to scale: LogMeIn (IPO), GrabCad (acquired by Stratasys), and Dyn (acquired by Oracle). He knows what it takes to build high-performing sales organizations, and has been an incredible asset to Clockwork as we scale.

Thomas Jensen

Advisor - Pricing & Packaging

Joining Clockwork as an Advisor in 2022, Thomas comes with an impressive background as the former VP of Pricing at Twilio and Workday before joining Panther where he currently serves as the Head of Pricing. Thomas lives in San Francisco, CA with his family and enjoys riding his bike and anything outdoors.

Matt Bilotti

Advisor - Product

Joining Clockwork as an Advisor in 2022, Matt works to help the product stay top of industry and navigate the tremendous scale as a company. Matt offers his accomplished experience from being employee #6 at Drift, now a unicorn company, and is currently the Product Lead at AngelList.

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