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I grew up in my father's restaurants and worked there from when I was old enough to reach over the counter through college and even when I had a full-time job. I always thought it was only my dad's restaurants that had issues with managing cash flow and margins, all while managing the business and employees, until I was out in the real world. That's when I realized how systemic the issue was. Especially when I started my outsourced CFO firm and for every single client, I would build them a financial model and cash flow forecast because 90% of them didn't have one, and the 10% that did, were essentially useless.

I knew there had to be a better way than spending countless hours every month living in an Excel spreadsheet when my clients needed my strategic and operational expertise, versus just my Excel skills. Looking out in the market, the tools that existed only scratched the surface at what a small business needs, not to mention none of them were run by experienced Finance or Accounting professionals.

I knew I need to build something better. Clockwork is the only customizable tool that intelligently builds your projections, cash flow forecasts, metrics, and scenarios all in one place, in real-time. Too many businesses have faltered or failed because they didn’t have the time, tools, or expertise to take control of their finances, and I made it my mission to do something about it.

We are changing the way business is done.

Fady Hawatmeh
Founder & CEO

Born in Chicago, helping businesses globally

Executive Team

Fady Hawatmeh
Founder and CEO

Born in Amman, Jordan, raised in St. Louis, MO working in my father's restaurants through college. Led Strategy and FP&A for Boeing in Seattle, WA, ran an oil & gas consulting firm, and then moved to Chicago to launch an outsourced CFO firm. Started my first company at the age of 12 and never looked back.

Alex Wunderlich
Director of Product

I grew up in Michigan, played college golf, and started my career as a Financial Analyst for hedge funds and family offices. After thousands of hours of financial modeling in spreadsheets, I found my calling in the world of Fintech (and I’m never going back). When I'm not building Clockwork, you can find me climbing, skiing, or running in the mountains.

Fritz Stunzi
Director of Sales

Growing up in coastal Massachusetts, I got my start in the corporate world as a sophomore in college interning at a small commodities hedge fund. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve held sales positions at tech orgs ranging from bootstrapped startups, to high-growth SaaS rocket ships with $100s of millions in funding. Outside “the office” I'm happiest sailing, fishing and playing with my pup Indie.

Mat Casey
Director of Digital Marketing

Born in New Zealand, and traveling the world as a Digital Nomad, I have a passion for experiences. I love everything outdoors, especially rugby. With extensive knowledge and experience with everything digital marketing, I empower the digital community to experience things they otherwise wouldn't.

Hugues Belanger
Director of Design

Growing up in Quebec, Canada, I was always curious about how things worked. This led me on a journey to connect technology with humans to make us smarter through design. I have made St. Louis, MO my home with my wife, our boys, and our chocolate lab, Marcel. I love the outdoors whether it is to learn to play rugby, scuba dive, ski, bike, or... just sit on a terrace and enjoy some delicious wine!

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