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Build your financial model in minutes, not days

Clockwork gives you real-time CFO level insights to save you the pain of manually having to deal with finances and cash flow


We make forecasting easy

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Collaborative dashboards and models

Make more collaborative decisions on what you’re spending, where you can cut costs, and how much you can invest in growth by working with your team on real-time dashboards and models. Set custom user permissions to control which team members can edit forecasts and scenarios.

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Real-time forecasts without lifting a finger

Clockwork learns from your transaction patterns and company profile to automatically build a custom 5-year financial model that predicts revenue, expenses, and cash flow with greater accuracy.

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Cash flow forecasts you can trust

Clockwork’s 52-week cash flow forecasts learn the way cash moves in and out of your business to show you exactly what your expected sales, expenses, and other activities will mean for your cash balance. Spot problems and opportunities ahead of time, and see what it feels like to truly be in control of your finances.

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Build your model in minutes with custom assumptions

No one else eats, sleeps, and breathes your company the way you do, so Clockwork gives you full control over your financial assumptions to make sure you can answer the most important questions about your business at any time. Stop wondering "what-if," and model it.

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Hire that person? Raise that round?Answers in one click

Explore and compare any "what if" scenario to get a clear picture around best and worst cases, and make sure you can answer the most important questions about your business at any time.

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Instant visibility into your cash flow and finances

Visualize all of your financial projections, cash flow forecasts, and key metrics in real-time. With hourly updates, you'll always know where you are, and where you're going, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Your business' finances and cash flow at a glance, automatically

Instant AI powered projections and cash flow forecasts

High level dashboard to see how your business is doing in real-time

Easy to understand and update graphs and charts

Real-time weekly and monthly cash flow forecasts, up to 52 weeks out

Clockwork learns the unique cash timing behavior in your business to forecast your cash flow with unmatched accuracy

Adjust your upcoming and overdue invoices and bills with a click to see the impact on your cash forecast

Will you need to cut costs? Get a loan? Investment? Instantly see your options and how they'll impact cash

Intelligent Clockwork Score that monitors your performance in real time

Get a grade based on your financial health and performance

Drill into your score to see what's' going well and what needs improvement

Get alerts for red flags like upcoming cash shortfalls

Zero manual setup and automatic hourly updates from QuickBooks Online and Xero

The only platform to automatically show and analyze up to 3 years of transactional data

Clockwork custom builds your account just like a seasoned CFO would, automatically

See all of your invoices, bills, and everything else you would want out of a financial model with ease

The easiest driver-based forecasting and custom formulas for all your "what if" questions

It's never been easier to answer a "what if" question within minutes, instead of hours or days

See all of your revenue and expense assumptions at one glance

Model all of your financial and non-financial variables in one place in a matter of a couple clicks

Customize and group your own accounts in your financial model however you want

Group any of your revenue, COGS, or expense accounts to slice and dice your model exactly how you want

Adjust and customize your account groupings as often as you want, in real-time

Easily create a truncated view of your financial model to see exactly what you want, whenever you want

Your most important metrics in real time, anytime

Analyze custom metric dashboards going back up to 3 years

See how much cash you have left, your margins, your financial performance, and your liquidity ratios instantly

Invite unlimited users to foster complete collaboration with your team, investors, and shareholders

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4.9 / 5 Star rating

Don't just take our word for it

At my last company we had a team working nights and weekends just to get half of what this gives me instantly!

Tatiana K.


Implementation was seconds. I ask a lot of questions and like to talk to people and they picked up the phone to answer simple questions that frankly I could have figured out if I actually took the time to read their DIY articles...
Clockwork client avatar

John G.

Official Member of YEC

Of all the cash flow platforms I've used/trialed this was the easiest to integrate and when I did have questions, the support team were responsive and incredibly helpful. It's now one of our core software solutions



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For small businesses that need to emerge from financial darkness
Intelligent 5-year forecast and financial health score
Automatically forecast up to 5-years of account-level revenues and expenses based on the unique drivers of your business.
52-week cash flow forecast
Clockwork learns the cash timing behavior in your company to provide a level of accuracy you won’t find anywhere else.
Unlimited drive-based forecasting assumptions
Full control over your forecasting assumptions. Adjust growth rates, headcount, product-level inputs, or custom formulas and drivers.
Custom dashboard and KPI's
All of your key metrics, performance insights, and projections in once place.
Unlimited “what if” scenarios
Not available in core package
Forecast vs. Scenario variance analysis
Not available in core package
Custom financial and operational metrics
Not available in core package

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