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Why we're a remote company

Maddi Prince
April 7, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have all seen a significant change in the way we view office culture, and even more, work culture as a whole. And how could we not? We were faced with life-changing challenges, people lost loved ones, jobs, big events, and their social lives. Since remote work is here to stay, especially here at Clockwork, we’re excited to help pioneer this new space as a fully remote company. But why? 

Well there’s a few reasons why:

  1. Remote workers can be more productive because they have no commute, less or no forced small talk, fewer distractions, more time for family and exercise, a higher quality of life, and better overall life balance.
  2. Job satisfaction is critical to keeping employee productivity high and keeping turnover rates low.
  3. Remote companies require extra attention on culture and productivity which allows our team to be as successful as possible.

According to Aboud and data collected by Statista, before the pandemic, 47% of employees had never worked from home. In a post-lockdown era, that number as we know dropped exponentially. Since remote work has begun employee’s have experienced their time back in their days that they would have spent commuting to an office, saving money from being able to have meals at home, and increased productivity due to the stresses of going into an office being erased. Multiple studies have also shown at least 77% of employees in the workforce see an increase in their health and wellness with remote and hybrid work options.

But what does this mean for companies like us? According to Global Workplace Analytics, the study they conducted estimates that employers can save over $11,000 a year per employee. These savings are from lowering the cost of office space, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and less turnover. Not only do we see the added value of trusting our employees to get the work done, they do it at exceptional rates.

Our values mapped out by our CEO reflect WFH culture as well, here are just a few:

  • Integrity: Always do the right thing. Don’t let the values of yourself or Clockwork waver in any decision you make. Always do what you said you were going to do!
  • Collaboration: We all work together for a reason and every member of the team leans on each other to succeed.
  • Assume Positive Intent: With all communication internal and external, nothing negative should be assumed and everyone should operate as every conversation starts and ends with a positive outcome

At Clockwork, using the remote model not only helps our employees work how they work best, but it also allows us to source the best talent in the country. Currently, our small and growing team spans across the entire country, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

If you’re looking for remote work opportunities and interested in joining our team, check out our LinkedIn page to browse open positions. We look forward to seeing how your life changes with Clockwork in it. 

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