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Run your business, not your spreadsheet

With hourly updates, you can spend more time delivering value instead of buried in a spreadsheet

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Insightful financial data

Let the companies you work with answer “what if” questions in a matter of seconds, not hours or days, and be game changing for them 

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Deliver value immediately

With 30 second account creation, provide unparralled value immediately instead of having to “ramp up”

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Intuitive & easy to use dashboard

With intuitive dashboards, provide something companies can use 24/7 that they love to look at

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Ultra fast account setup

Thanks to 30 Second Account Creation, you can provide an easy starting point for any company, any size

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Real-time financials data

With custom metrics, you get 24/7 access to real-time financials instead of waiting around for answers

WE are purpose driven

Revolutionizing FP&A

We have lived your pain for many years and that's why we decided to start Clockwork. Our mission is to provide a perfect platform to manage SME's finances and cash flow to drive real growth, not just survival

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With Clockwork we've been able to model scenarios and make business decisions in a way that we never could before, which has helped us immensely as a rapidly growing company

Tatiana K.


Implementation was seconds. I ask a lot of questions and like to talk to people and they picked up the phone to answer simple questions that frankly I could have figured out if I actually took the time to read their DIY articles...
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John G.

Official Member of YEC

Of all the cash flow platforms I've used/trialed this was the easiest to integrate and when I did have questions, the support team were responsive and incredibly helpful. It's now one of our core software solutions



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Custom Partner Pricing

We work with every partner to develop a pricing strategy that makes sense and provides value immediately

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Custom white labeling available

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