Advisors, it’s time to automate and scale your services.

Your clients come to you for answers that will shape the future of their businesses. Give them better advice, faster, with real-time projections, cash flow forecasts, and scenario planning.

Auto-build your forecast in minutes with:

With Clockwork, advisors save 5+ hours per client every month.

Maintaining financial models and multiple scenarios for all of your clients takes up a lot of time. Clockwork optimizes your client workflows so you can focus on helping them optimize their businesses

Automate the tedious tasks so you can spend more time giving the advice that helps your clients stay ahead.


Give them the financial insights they need to win.

Clockwork’s intuitive visualizations let you break down the numbers and what they mean for your clients – and helps them keep their team and investors up-to-date.

Easily help your clients understand the drivers affecting their income, expenses, and cash flow so they can shape their financial future with more confidence.

“As a fractional CFO for entrepreneurs at all stages, I hated spending time building models in Excel that were too complex for them to maintain or adjust. I built Clockwork to give them what they really need - an understanding of real-time data to make confident financial decisions.”

– Fady Hawatmeh, Clockwork Founder

What You Get:

  • Real-time Financial Dashboard
  • Smart Financial Projections
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Adjustable Assumptions
  • Unlimited Scenario Planning

Why Clockwork:

  • Instant setup and seamless onboarding
  • Automatic hourly updates from QBO and Xero
  • AI-powered transaction-level forecasts
  • Unlimited users, assumptions, and scenarios
  • Access to expert advice


Clockwork integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero

Pulls in data every hour automatically

Builds custom models using transactional data

Connects within minutes

App Marketplace Review

We've started using Clockwork to get a better handle of the cash flow for my clients and to help project future earnings and it has been revolutionary for us! The business owners love it because it takes all of the data from Xero reports and puts it into a very appealing visual dashboard that is much easier to understand then looking at #s on a spreadsheet, and me as the CPA love it because of how much time it saves in explaining where we are at and why the $ amount in our bank account isn't necessarily a good indicator of our financial health.
Youness Scally

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